How to Write a Paid-in-Full Statement

Writing a paid in full statement lets a creditor know that you have paid your debt.

A paid in full statement is a letter to your creditor that explains the details of the debt owed and how and when you will pay this amount. Write a paid-in-full statement as a formal letter. You may want to consider typing the letter so there is no confusion over the language in the letter. Often this letter is written before you write a check for the final payment in order to give the creditor time to look through your account and agree to the paid in full statement. However you can send a check with your statement with a stipulation that if the check is cashed than the creditor has accepted your terms for the paid in full amount.


Step 1

Write today's date at the top of the letter.

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Step 2

Write your name, address and phone number underneath the date. Write each on its own line.

Step 3

List your account number under your personal information.


Step 4

Write your introduction under your account number. An example of this would be "Dear Corporate Creditor."

Step 5

Write your reason for sending the letter in the body of the letter. This should include an explanation of the debt you owe, the amount of the debt, and the date you will pay the agreed upon amount in full. The agreed upon amount and the actual amount due are not always equal. Many credit companies will reduce the amount owed to help clear a debt faster.


Step 6

Reveal to the creditor that you will be sending a check or money order that is marked "paid in full." Let the creditor know that if the check is cashed, the creditor is agreeing to the amount paid and this matter has come to an end. Include this in the body of the letter.

Step 7

Complete the letter by signing your name and listing your phone number.


Step 8

Make a copy of your letter and your check.

Step 9

Send the letter by certified mail and ensure that you ask for a return receipt.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Word Processing software

  • Copy Machine

  • Address of creditor

  • Amount of debt owed