How to Treat a Canceled Check in a Bank Reconciliation Statement

Reconciling your checkbook can help you stay in good financial shape.

Checks that have cleared the bank are called canceled checks. The bank has paid and accounted for the funds, and has provided you with either the original check or a scanned image of the check. This means, as far as the bank is concerned, the transaction is complete -- unless you find an error and contact the bank. Reconciling the canceled check to the bank statement is the way you would find a problem with the transaction, if one exists.


Step 1

Look at the check number on the canceled check or checks. If you have more than one canceled check, put them in numerical order from lowest to highest.

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Step 2

Place your checking account register next to the two most recent bank reconciliation statements.


Step 3

Check off each canceled check by placing a check mark on the reconciliation statement. Confirm that the amounts agree to the penny.

Step 4

Check off the canceled check in the checking account register by placing a check mark in the assigned column. To find the right column, look at the headings at the top of the register. If everything matches on the checks, account register and reconciliation statement, check the subtraction to make sure the account balance is correct. If the numbers are incorrect, check them again, and if not correct, contact your bank.



Step 5

Complete the reconciliation after you have confirmed the accuracy of the statement by comparing it to the canceled checks and deposits. Add any deposits made after the statement's issue date to the statement's ending balance. Then subtract any outstanding withdrawals, checks you have written, ATM transactions and fees taken out of the account after the statement issue date.


Accounts should be reconciled each month when the statement is received.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen or pencil

  • Checking account register

  • 2 most recent bank reconciliation statements

  • Calculator

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