Tips on Yard Sales

Hosting a yard sale is a good way to rid your house of unwanted items and make some extra cash. Going to yard sales is a popular weekend hobby for many Americans looking to find deals and treasures. Being properly prepared for your yard sale will ensure a smooth, profitable event.


Yard sale success depends on the quality and amount of items you have to sell. Choose items that you no longer need but still retain value to others. Broken, stained or malfunctioning items should not be included, as they might turn off buyers. Items that sell well include furniture, books, baby items, children's toys and tools. Items such as adult clothing, dishes and decorations need to be priced low to attract buyers.


Design your yard sale layout to ensure the customers walk past all of your items and can easily reach you to pay for your items. Place big ticket items near the road to attract potential buyers. Group similar items together making it easier for the guests to find something they want. Place small items and baby clothing on tables for better visibility.


Yard sales can be found throughout the year, especially in the South where weather is ideal in the winter. Spring and fall are the busy yard sale seasons when people are cleaning out their houses and the weather is most appropriate. The months of April, May and June are particularly busy, as many yard sale shoppers concentrate their buying during this time. Weekend days are often the most convenient days for both the seller and buyer to hold a yard sale, but many sales are held on Thursday and Friday afternoons, since these are days that many potential buyers receive their weekly paychecks.


Having a simple pricing scheme allows buyers to easily determine a product's price. Yard sale kits available at big box retailers include pricing stickers that you can use to label each individual item. Color-coded stickers will allow to you indicate an item's price by a correlating color.


Advertising your yard sale can make a difference between success and a low turnout. Place signs that display the address, date and time of your yard sale at major intersections nearby to draw buyers. Place ads on free online classified sites such as Craigslist to reach a broader audience. Print out fliers and distribute them to family, friends and coworkers to pass along to their contacts.