How to Send an eCheck

An eCheck is an electronic version of a physical check. Like a real check, it draws funds from your checking account in the amount tendered on the check. It can be used online to make payments or transfer money from one account to another. An eCheck takes the same amount of time to clear as a regular check, typically from three to five business days. To send an eCheck, you must have the routing and account numbers of your checking account.


Step 1

Log in to the website where you are going to use the eCheck. Navigate to the payment page after completing your transaction or accessing your account.

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Step 2

Click "Online Check," "eCheck" or "Checking Account" on the payment page.


Step 3

Enter your routing number in the "Routing Number" text box. You can find your routing number at the bottom of one of your checks. It is the first number and has nine digits.

Step 4

Type in your checking account number in the "Account Number" text box. The checking account number is the number after the routing number.


Step 5

Type a check number in the "Check Number" text box. Select a check number from one of your current physical checks. Write "Void" on the physical check to avoid accidentally using it in the future.

Step 6

Enter the check amount in the appropriate text box and review the information to verify it is accurate. Click "Apply" or "Send" to send the eCheck.