The Best Jobs for Aquarians

The belief that the position of the stars and planets at the moment of birth has an effect on our characters and lives is ancient. Many ancient cultures, from the Greeks to the Mayans, studied the stars and found meaning in them, practicing astrology. In 2008, conducted a survey of 9,000 workers in order to determine how astrology and birth order affected careers and compensation. They found that Aquarians were often drawn to careers in sales, the military, engineering, mechanics, food preparations, facilities management and transportation.



The unconventional Aquarian needs to be stimulated by their work and craves the freedom to explore new ideas. Repetitive or routine jobs will frustrate and bore them. They prefer work that challenges them and allows them to express their unconventional side. Aquarians like to be on the cutting edge of their field, whatever that field may be, and doing things the same way over and over will not satisfy them. Aquarians are well suited to jobs that require creative thinking, innovation and a need for constant fresh approaches, such as sales, engineering and marketing.


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An Aquarian's logical mind often leads to careers involving computers, from programing to engineering. Their unconventional nature leads naturally to invention and when combined with a logical thought process can lead to innovations in computer programs, mechanics and engineering. Research is another strong suit for the Aquarian, allowing them to analyze data and form conclusions in areas such as market research, statistical analysis and scientific research.


Socially Oriented

Aquarians are highly socially oriented and humanitarian in nature, leading many into social work. Whether they serve as activists, politicians, philanthropists, soldiers or teachers, an Aquarian's idealist nature makes them well suited to careers that serve the community. When serving their higher ideals, other concerns, such as pay, become less important to many Aquarians, who find fighting for a cause or serving their community more satisfying.



The Aquarian's unconventional nature makes them good at thinking in new ways which can lead to careers in the arts. Whether it's as a designer, a writer, a photographer or a chef, Aquarians enjoy careers that allow them to express themselves and their creativity. These artistic tendencies are often combined with the Aquarian's humanitarian goals and can lead to musicians, painters, writers and photographers active in social causes and charity work.