How to Lease Your Land for a Cell Phone Tower

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Land owners can lease their land to a cell phone company for them to erect a cell phone tower. Cell phone companies will move quickly once they locate an optimal piece of land on which to place a cell tower. The cell phone company will contact several land owners in an area, so it is important to move quickly if you want to have the cell phone company lease from you.

Find a Cell Tower Lessee

Step 1

Place "For Lease" signs on your property. Write on the signs that the property is for cell phone towers.

Step 2

Contact your cell phone company to find out where it is currently building cell phone towers in your area. Cell phone companies typical provide contact information on their websites. Upon contacting the cell phone company submit your address as a potential cell phone tower site.

Step 3

Wait for a cell phone tower site acquisition agent to contact you. Cellular phone companies will not contact you if your property is in a zoned residential area or if it is within one mile of another tower.

Step 4

Read and sign the cell tower leasing agreement once you come to satisfactory negotiation terms with a cell tower site acquisition agent you. Consider having an attorney assist you with the cell tower lease negotiations for your land.


Leasing rates for cell towers vary from company to company and lease term to lease term.

Cell tower leases are usually for many years.

Things You'll Need

  • "For Lease" signs

  • Marker

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