How to Change the Due Date on Auto Insurance

Changing the due date on your auto insurance policy is important if you are having trouble making the payment on the current date. Paying your insurance on time is extremely important, because the insurance company has the right to cancel your policy if you miss a payment. Generally, there is a grace period, but you could find yourself in a critical situation if you are involved in a car accident and you missed the due date, allowing your policy to lapse. The insurance company could say your policy was no longer valid because of the missed payment.


Step 1

Check your billing statement for the account number and the telephone number of your insurance agent. Or look for the general toll-free number for customer service.

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Step 2

Call your agent or the toll-free number. Tell the representative you wish to change the due date on your policy. Ask the agent for a new due date after you provide your account number and any other necessary information to identify yourself.


Step 3

Confirm the new due date on your next billing statement and make on-time payments on your policy.



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