How to Recycle for Cash in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Labor and Safety encourages Georgians to recycle. Recycling services are available throughout the state. George residents can use a recycling directory to find a list of local recycling centers that offer cash for recyclables. When recycling in Georgia, it's best to inquire about drop-off instructions and pricing beforehand. If time permits, ask family and friends to donate to your recycling load, for a bigger payout.


Step 1

Determine what types of materials you wish to recycle for cash. Georgia residents can recycle iron and steel, batteries, wood, plastics, glass and fiberglass, as well as electronics.

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Step 2

Find a recycling center that serves your county. See "Georgia Local Recycling Centers" in the Resources section of this article for a list of recycling centers in Georgia. Search by zip code to locate the nearest service center.


Step 3

Inquire about dumpster locations, residential services and drop-off locations. Frequently, companies that provide collection vehicles for pick-up service don't provide cash for recyclables, so ask beforehand.

Step 4

Prepare recyclables as directed by the recycling center. For example, you may be required to remove the caps from bottles, or break down plastics.


Step 5

Request a receipt. The recycler must weigh your recyclables and issue a cash value based on this calculation. Check that the weight recorded by the recycler's scale matches the weight recorded on your receipt. Contact the company manager if you notice a discrepancy.


Typically, larger cities such as Augusta, Columbus and Savannah have more facilities than smaller cities such as Thomson and Sandersville.