How to Get Paid to Recycle Plastic

Many plastic items can be recycled.

While the blue recycling containers accept only specific types of plastic, you can get paid to recycle any kind of plastic through specialized plastic recycling companies, such as Recycle In America. You also help the environment by recycling your plastics. According to Earth 911, for every ton of plastic recycled, 7.4 cubic yards of space is freed at landfills. Earth 911 adds that only 27 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the U.S.


Step 1

Search your phone directory for recycling centers near you. Contact them to find out what types of plastic they recycle and their hours of operation.

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Step 2

Rinse your suitable plastic items with clean water. Place them in large garbage bags and store them in an appropriate location in your home, such as the garage.


Step 3

Pick a suitable time that fits your schedule to take your plastic collection down to the recyclers. Follow the directions given by the recycling company to get paid.



The more you collect, the more you get paid. Some plastic recyclers, such as Recycle In America, will pick up from your home but prefer a truckload instead of just a few items.

In California, recycling booths may be found in shopping center parking lots.



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