How to Fill Out the Kentucky Car Title When Buying a Vehicle

When you buy a used vehicle in Kentucky, the owner must transfer the title to you.

Whenever you buy a vehicle in Kentucky, you need to acquire the title, a document proving your ownership of the vehicle. If you buy a new or used vehicle from a dealership, the dealer will handle the title paperwork for you. If you purchase a used vehicle from another individual, though, there is paperwork that you and the seller need to complete before the sale is finalized and you can register the car in your name.


Step 1

Acquire the title from the vehicle's current owner and fill in the form on the reverse of the title. If the owner does not have the actual title, the person must request a copy from their county clerk's office. Alternatively, you and the seller can fill out Application TC96-182, the Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration.


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Step 2

Check off the box on the title application indicating that the application is for a transfer. Do not check any of the boxes on the second line, as you are not requesting a duplicate title.

Step 3

Complete the section detailing information about the vehicle. Be sure you accurately copy the Vehicle Identification Number, as just one incorrect digit can delay the application for a new title.


Step 4

Have a certified vehicle inspector inspect the vehicle and certify that the vehicle is roadworthy. The inspector should fill in the odometer reading and sign the statement.

Step 5

Complete the odometer disclosure section, certifying that the odometer reading is accurate. If the odometer is not accurate, check the box indicating the reason.



Step 6

Provide details of the transaction. If you are paying cash for the vehicle, fill in the sale price and the date of the sale. Keep in mind that you will also need a bill of sale from the seller to register the vehicle.

Step 7

Fill in the sections about the seller and buyer of the vehicle. If the vehicle is being purchased by two individuals, be sure to check the "or" or "and" box at the top of the section. If you do not check a box, both individuals have to sign the title.


You have 30 days from the date you purchased the vehicle to transfer the title. The title transfer should be completed at the county clerk’s office. To complete the transfer, you will need to present the title application, bill of sale, proof of insurance and photo identification. You’ll also need to pay a fee and usage tax on the vehicle. Kentucky does not require sellers to notarize title applications, but notarizing the bill of sale, title application and odometer statement does offer an extra layer of protection should something go wrong with the transaction.



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