How to Become an Emancipated Minor in Ohio

An emancipated minor is a minor that is freed from parental control, according to the Ohio Bar Association. The Ohio School Board website notes there are no official emancipation court proceedings, but instead emancipation is a common law doctrine. Minors usually cannot be emancipated before they become adults at age 18, but in the state of Ohio there are some exceptions that can lead to a minor's early emancipation.


Step 1

Getting married is one way to become an emancipated minor in Ohio. This applies to females only, as males must be 18 to get married; females, however, can marry at the age of 16 with parental consent, according to Ohio Legal Services. According to Ohio School Boards, married students' spouses become the responsible parties; therefore, the married child is then emancipated from her parents.

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Step 2

Join the military, and in Ohio you are considered emancipated from your parents. An individual can join the military at age 17, but he usually has to be a high school graduate or have earned an equivalent diploma. According to the Ohio State Bar Association, joining the military service before the age of 18 is considered emancipation.


Step 3

Receive written and/or oral consent from a parent and you are emancipated in Ohio, according to the Ohio School Boards. The Ohio School Boards website also notes that emancipation can occur by inference, as well, if a parent allows a child to move out and support herself.