How to Calculate an Estimated Tax Refund

Taxes are due by April 15 every year.

Taxpayers often wonder whether they're going to owe the IRS money or get some back when they file their taxes. If they end up owing the IRS, it's better to know ahead of time so they can plan to set some money aside for when it's due. If they end up getting a refund, it's always nice to know the amount they can expect. In either case, anyone can estimate his projected tax obligations and refunds with an online tax estimator calculator.

Step 1

Type "estimated tax refund calculator" into your search engine and press "Enter."

Step 2

Choose the calculator you'd like to use to estimate your tax refund.

Step 3

Select your filing status from the drop down list. The primary categories to choose from are single, married and filing jointly, married and filing separately, head of household, and widower with qualifying dependent. If you're unsure of which filing status to choose, answer a questionnaire on the IRS website to find out your filing status.

Step 4

Fill out the rest of the form, including information about your dependents and your income. For you and your spouse, requested information includes dates of birth, W-2 gross income, W-2 federal withholding, W-2 state withholding, advanced EIC from W-2, unemployment compensation, retirement income, Social Security income, interest/dividends/other income and IRA/deductions.

Step 5

Click "Calculate."


Results from estimated tax calculators are only estimates, so your actual refund may differ.