How to Sell a Brand New Car

It is fairly rare for a private car owner to need to sell his brand new car. Newly manufactured vehicles commonly come directly from a dealership. But this situation may occur if you drive home a new car but then no longer need the vehicle or simply change your mind. If you've found yourself in a situation where you have a brand new car that you do not need, first check to see if the car dealership where you purchased the car has a refund, return or cancellation option. If not, begin the process of reselling the car.


Step 1

Wait to receive your title in the mail from the dealer where you purchased the car before attempting to sell the vehicle. If you financed the car, you'll have to make arrangements with the lender to transfer the title to the new owner once you have a buyer for the vehicle.

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Step 2

List your brand new car advertisement on popular car search websites, like Auto Trader, Edmunds and classified listings. Explain that the car is virtually brand new (list the number of miles on the odometer) and highlight the year of manufacture.


Step 3

Explain to potential buyers why you are selling the vehicle. It may be that you recently purchased the car or received it as a gift but because of financial problems you need to sell it. This information could help assure a potential buyer that the car is in decent condition and you're not selling because of an issue with the vehicle itself.



Step 4

Be prepared to receive offers for the car below the retail price you paid. According to automotive expert Louis Sharp, the car loses 20 percent of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Step 5

Sign the back of the car title according to your state department of motor vehicles requirements. You often have to include your name, contact information, driver's license information and signature, in addition to the buyer's information. If you have a loan on the car, the lienholder or bank has to handle this task.



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