How to Cash a Postal Money Order

Many people use postal money orders to shop, pay bills and send money to family and friends. If you receive a postal money order, there are a couple ways you can cash it in a timely manner.


At a Local Post Office

Go to the nearest post office to cash your money order. If you need assistance locating a post office, simply visit the United States Postal Service official website (see Resources). Be sure to take a valid photo ID, because the clerk will first need to verify your identity.

Provide your signature on the back of the money order, but do not sign until you arrive at the post office. Be sure to sign your name exactly how it appears on the opposite side.

Hand the postal money order and your photo ID to the clerk. The clerk will verify its validity before processing the transaction.

Confirm that the clerk gave you the correct sum. If the clerk does not count the money to you, take time to do it yourself while still standing before the clerk (in case the clerk made a mistake).

At Your Financial Institution

Gather the appropriate documents and go to your bank or credit union. Bring a valid photo ID, your bank account number and deposit slip (if you want to deposit the money order into your account).

Sign the back of the money order once you arrive at the bank. Write your entire account number on the back below your signature. Print the words “For Deposit Only” beneath your account number (only if you plan to make a deposit). Don’t forget to fill out the deposit slip, if you are making a deposit.

Give the bank teller your items. The teller will hand you your money or deposit slip once the transaction is complete.