How to Cash a Canadian Money Order

Contact Canada Post if you have questions about your money order, didn't receive it via mail, suspect that you're a victim of a Canadian money order scam/fraud or require assistance with finding a money order cashing location at (800) 563-0444 or via mail:

Money Order Services Canada Post 2701 Riverside DR STN 25 Ottawa, ON K1A 0B1

Take your money order to a Canada Post office, and cash the entire value without fees. Provide proof of identification (photo driver's license, passport or other form of government approved identification) and endorse the money order with your signature as you would a check.

Check with the postal service in your home country to cash a Canadian money order outside of Canada. Canada has postal money order exchange/cashing agreements with postal service corporations/agencies in many countries. Some cash the money orders based on exchange rates while others cash money orders only if they are valued in the currency of the receiver's home country. For example, the United States Postal Service (USPS) only cashes Canadian money orders if they are in U.S. dollars as it treats Canadian money orders as Domestic (same rules and fees).

Cash a Canadian money order at a check cashing business that handles international checks, money transfer institution such as MoneyGram International or Western Union or your bank if your local postal service agency doesn't cash Canadian money orders, you're not within close proximity of a post office or your money order was not issued by Canada Post. These businesses and financial institutions accept Canadian money orders either in Canadian currency (CAN) or in the currency of the receiver's home country; cash is then provided in local currency with or without a fee for the exchange rate. As with post offices, provide your identification, endorse or complete a money order "receipt form" (depending on the business or institution) and pay any associated fees to cash the money order.