How to Donate Plasma for Money in Massachusetts

Donating plasma is a quick and easy way to make a few dollars. In most states, including Massachusetts, plasma can be donated only twice a week. It is common to receive $20 to $30 per donation. The actual collection process can last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours, so bring a book or game to keep you occupied.


Step 1

Locate a plasma donation center. You can find donation centers quickly by searching the phone book or the Internet. Websites like Blood Banker offer a list of donation locations throughout Massachusetts.

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Step 2

Drink plenty of fluids the morning you plan to donate your plasma. Avoid beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol. Eat before giving plasma because the collection process can leave you feeling weak.


Step 3

Fill out all appropriate forms upon entering the plasma donation center. You will have to submit to a blood and urine test before donating your plasma. Your height and weight will be measured, and you will be interviewed about your lifestyle and sexual habits.


Step 4

Enter the donation room and follow any instructions that you are given. You will lie down on a soft table and be hooked up to the collection machine with a needle. The blood is drawn into the machine where the plasma is removed. Your blood is then sent back into your body. This process can take hours to complete.

Step 5

Collect your cash payment and schedule your next appointment.



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