How Long Does a Speeding Ticket Stay on Your Record in Ohio?

Ohio suspends licenses of drivers who accumulate 12 points in two years.
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Ohio drivers who exceed posted legal speed limits risk having points added to their licenses. Insurance companies regularly review the records of drivers they insure and can raise rates for drivers with excessive points on their licenses. In Ohio, if a driver receives a ticket for speeding, points generally remain on his record for two years.


Points for Speeding

If the posted speed limit is 55 mph or greater, Ohio drivers ticketed for driving 10 mph or more over that limit will get two points on their licenses. On roads where the speed limit is less than 55 mph, driving even 5 mph over the limit is enough to earn a ticket and two points. Regardless of the posted speed limit, a driver who is ticketed for exceeding it by 30 mph or more gets four points on her license.


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Remedial Driving Course

Drivers can often eliminate points on their licenses in less than two years if they enroll in a remedial driving course at a school approved by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. When the driver successfully completes the course, two points will be removed from his license. But a driver can take advantage of this option only once every three years or five times in his lifetime.