Cheap Fencing Options

Cheap fencing can help you save money.

Fencing materials can cost a lot of money. If you have to fence a large area, the total cost could bust your pocketbook. Living without a fence, however, can feel uncomfortable and limit your outdoor activities at home, so having a fence has its benefits. It forms a wall between you and unwanted sights and sounds; it shields you from a nosy neighbor; and if you have dogs, you can confine them without having to keep them on a leash.

Recycled Barn Boards

Ask around your neighborhood or look online. Many times, homeowners will tear down a building, or even fencing, on their property. They will either sell the material at a low price or give it away for free. You can use old barn boards as fencing material. You only have to worry about getting the materials home. This method of cheap fencing more than likely will provide you with a beautiful, unique-looking structure.

Living Fences

Planting a living fence not only cuts the cost of a fence but also offers a more natural, relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor space. Shrubbery that is dense and fast growing is best to use. Boxwood, peashrub and dark green arborvitae all make excellent privacy fences. However, you'll need to plant several shrubs to get a fence-like appearance. Plant one to five rows of shrubbery for each length. Mix and match deciduous and evergreen plants to give wildlife in your yard a variety of food and shelter.

Stone Wall

If you live on a piece of property ridden with boulders and large rocks, using them to build a stone wall could be virtually free. Simply lay the rocks together, forming a wall so that the pieces interlock with one another. If done properly, your wall won't require any maintenance.