How to Pay Tithes on Retirement

Pay tithes from your retirement income in a timely manner.

To tithe means to pay one-tenth of your income to God. Many churches encourage their members to pay tithes on all of their earnings. It is really quite simple to tithe. Even if you are no longer working and receive a retirement check, you can still pay tithes on that income. Learn the proper way to pay tithes from your retirement each month.


Step 1

Determine how much money you should tithe to God. Multiply 10 percent by the amount of your monthly retirement check. For instance, if you receive $1,000 a month (gross income) in retirement, you would tithe $100.

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Step 2

Decide where you want to pay your tithes. If you are an active member of a church, then you will probably want to pay your tithes at that location. You may also choose to pay tithes at another church within your community, especially if you feel that church is in need of resources and could use your financial support. There may also be ministries or religious organizations in your area that you can pay your tithes to.


Step 3

Prepare your tithes before you make your donation. Write a personal check to the church or pay your tithes with cash. Some churches and organizations may even accept money orders, cashier checks or credit cards. Be sure to place your tithes in an appropriate envelope and write your name and contact information on it.


Step 4

Submit your tithes in a timely manner. Depending on how often you receive income, you may tithe once, twice or even several times a month.


Always pay your tithes first before you pay bills or go shopping. Always keep a record of your tithes, including the amount, the date and the church or organization you paid your tithes to.



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