How to Pay Tithes and Offerings When You're Broke

Christians believe in giving, especially when broke.
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If you're broke, chances are that your focus is how you're going to get your next meal. Yet if you're broke and Christian, you are not free from the scriptural obligation to tithe, as it's a reminder that God is your employer and you reap what you sow. A tithe is different from an offering — it is only the tithe that you are obligated to pay at all times. The tithe is 10 percent of whatever money you have or bring in. An offering is more like a "love gift" that you might choose to give in any amount when inspired. However, the offering must always come after already tithing.


Step 1

Give 10 percent of whatever you receive in gifts, donations, occasional income or government benefits. You have to live on something, so even if you receive charity in very small amounts, give a tithe on it to your local ministry.

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Step 2

Consider that any money that comes to you is God's money first. This way you will not think of the tithe as a loss or "taking away" from the little funds you have — but it is a reminder to put God first before everything.

Step 3

Think of the tithe as an investment in yourself, knowing that by putting it first into God's hands, you are allowing God the opportunity to provide for you so that you no longer have to be broke.


Step 4

Give an offering if you are able to do so after already tithing. You can give an offering of a material item, such as a piece of clothing, that would help someone else in need. Doing this will remind you that you are capable of having abundance.


Do not tithe money that is not yours, unless you get consent. For example, if your friend gives you money only to fill up your gas tank, it is specifically allotted for that purpose and not as a gift to you in general. Also, that money might have been tithed already by your friend. You will remain saved if you don't tithe, but it is in your best interest to continue doing so.


The only way God can help you out of your difficult financial situation is if you tithe, so do not wait until you can afford to do it. Start with whatever you have. Give your tithes only to a church. The purpose is to support the efforts of Christians in evangelizing to others.