How Do I Write a Rental Room Email?

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Renting a room is a business transaction, and your language should reflect how seriously you take it. Use correct grammar in your email and avoid divulging too much about yourself, your lifestyle or your habits.


Crafting the Email

When it comes to advertising your room, discuss features that set it apart from other rental spaces, such as appliances, outdoor space or any other amenities. Your rental candidate is still a relative stranger, so avoid divulging personal information. Don't include details like your address or specifics about yourself that may compromise your privacy. Assign a price to your rental space that reflects its market value. If you're responding to a candidate who has countered your offer, be respectful in your response but remember your bottom line. A rental property should either generate income or cover the cost of maintenance, so don't allow yourself to be convinced to lower your price.


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Example Email

An appropriate rental room email might read as follows:

"Dear Mr. Smith,


Thank you for your interest in my rental property. This apartment has two bedrooms and one bath and is close to public transportation. The monthly rent is $450, exclusive of utilities."


Real estate is ever-changing. If you want to be seen as a reliable landlord whom your possible new tenant can trust, respond to his inquiry within a day or two.



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