How to Become a Thrifty Person

Save more money with a thrifty lifestyle.

Being thrifty means looking for ways to cut down on your spending. It implies living within your means and avoiding the items you do not need so you can save some money for your future. This might sound like a difficult way to live, but a thrifty lifestyle does not have to be drab. With creativity and imagination, it is possible to reduce your expenses and continue to live well.


Step 1

Differentiate between the items you need and the items you want. Items you need are those that are necessary for daily living, such as food and health products. Limit your shopping list to these items. Consider saving for special items and purchasing them on special occasions only, such as birthdays.


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Step 2

Follow cost-saving practices when shopping. These include comparing product prices from retailers before you make a purchase, purchasing items when they are on sale, shopping at discount stores, shopping with coupons and choosing store brand products over name brands. You may wish to make your purchases on the Internet because online retailers often offer items at lower prices than local retailers. Coupons are available on the Internet from a number of websites, some of which are listed in the Resources section of this article.


Step 3

Learn to make some of the things you need from items you already have. For example, you can use your sewing skills to transform old clothes into current styles or cut a bath towel into several hand towels.


Step 4

Fix broken items instead of purchasing replacements, if possible. There are many do-it-yourself books you can use to learn to fix a variety of household items from appliances to plumbing. You can also find help on the Internet. This will help you avoid the cost of new items as well as the cost of hiring professionals for repairs.


Step 5

Avoid waste and use products sparingly. They will last longer and this will reduce the number of shopping trips you make. For instance, it is tempting to use several sheets of paper towels to wipe a spill. Instead, use one sheet, rinse it out and reuse until the mess is cleaned up before throwing the towel away.



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