What Is an Insurance Policy Statement?

An insurance policy statement shows details of the policy.

An insurance policy statement is a form outlining the policyholder's insurance coverage. The statement attests that a person had insurance on a specific date.


Insurance Policies

Many types of insurance policies are offered to consumers. People buy life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance and homeowner's insurance. Whenever a policy is taken out, the insurance company sends the consumer a copy of it.


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Insurance Information

An insurance policy statement contains a lot of information. It tells the policyholder every detail of the coverage, protection and liability. If it is for auto insurance, the policy lists the vehicles covered, the amount of coverage and the deductibles.


Policy Statement

If a person needs to provide proof of insurance as of a specific date, she fills out an insurance policy statement. This statement shows the person's insurance coverage and the dates covered. This is often done after a car accident to prove a driver had insurance at the time of the accident.