What Does it Mean If the Bank Hot Carded My Debit Card?

A hot card alert indicates a lost or stolen debit card.

You may have heard of a bank's "hot carding" a debit card. This refers to a way of issuing a fraud alert on cards that a consumer reports as lost or stolen.


Locate Customer Information

The debit card customer calls the card support system to report that the card is stolen or missing. The system then locates the customer information. It uses information such as a cardholder number or name to locate her.

Records the Information

The support system then proceeds to record the information about the lost or stolen card by asking the customer some questions. The card issuer has set up the questions with the customer previously to deal with these sort of security situations.


Update Information

The system then updates the customer status field with a "hot card" alert status. The status indicates whether the card has been lost or stolen. The system then passes on the hot card information to the ATM networks to prevent abuse of the card.