How to Make a Loan Payment Online

Pay your loan online and save the cost of a stamp.

Many loan holders offer their borrowers an option to make payments online, which are processed faster than checks. You don't have to worry about the payment arriving by the due date because of mail delays and you don't have to waste a stamp. Lenders that offer online payment options may offer online, or paperless, bill delivery, as well. This cuts down on paper waste and also ensures that you receive your bill so that you don't neglect to make a payment.

Step 1

Go to your lender's website and click the "Make a Payment" link.

Step 2

Enter your log in information. If this is your first time making an online payment, you will need to sign up for the service. To register, you will need your account number and other identifying information that your lender asks for. Depending on the company, this may be your Social Security number or your date of birth. The website will ask you to select a password and a user name. You also may need to set up a security question for a further level of online safety.

Step 3

Enter the amount that you want to pay. Select the date on which you want the payment to be processed, if your lender offers that option. Enter your credit or debit card number, expiration date and the security code on the of the card. If this is your first payment, you also may need to enter your card's billing address. Select "Make Payment" or "Submit."

Step 4

Enter your bank account and bank routing number, as an alternative to using your debit or credit card. The bank routing code is the first group of nine numbers at the bottom of your check. In most cases, you may use the routing number with a savings or checking account, so that your payment is made directly from your account balance.

Step 5

Save the electronic receipt that the lender emails to you or write down the confirmation number for the payment. These will serve as proof of payment in case there is a problem with processing on the lender's side.


Do not submit a payment if the website does not have an SSL certificate. This is a certificate that secures your payment information. Check the bottom of the site for a security statement if you're not sure.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit or debit card

  • Bank account and routing number