Fun Party Games for 14-Year-Olds

You should have a variety of games for a 14-year-old's party.

Finding fun party games for 14-year-olds is not as stressful as it may seem. Teenagers like to have fun, but the games should stimulate a good time and be age appropriate. The social interaction between 14-year-old guests is what makes the party a success. Taking creative ideas and sprucing up old games will ensure a good time for the party goers.

Balloon Truth or Dare

This is an old game with a new twist. To play the game you will need 10 index cards, a writing pen, a straight pin, 20 balloons, and two or more 14-year-olds to play. Cut the index cards in half, making 20 smaller index cards. Write 10 truth questions and 10 dares tasks on the index cards. Fold the index cards and place them inside the balloon, then blow up the balloons. Each player should randomly pick a balloon when it is their turn. Burst the balloon with the straight pin to find out if a truth or dare is inside.

Steal a Sticker

This is a fun and interesting way to help your 14-year-old guest mingle when arriving at the party. When the guests arrive, greet them and place five to 10 stickers on their back. Tell them to collect as many stickers from other guests without them knowing. The person who has collected the most stickers at the end of the party will win a prize.

Touch It

This fun party game is great when you have co-ed guests. Place items with different textures in small bowls. Place foil over the top of the bowls, and cut out a small hole big enough to fit one finger inside to touch the item. Give each player an index card and pen to write down their assumption of what each item might be. When it is game time, ask the 14-year-olds to close their eyes while you pass around the bowls with different items. After each item is touched ask your guests to write down what they think they felt. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.