How Do I Access My Wells Fargo Retirement Account?

How Do I Access My Wells Fargo Retirement Account?

Step 1

Walk into your local Wells Fargo branch or call the customer service number located on your IRA statement. Speak with a representative about taking a distribution from your IRA. The representative may refer you to a brokerage representative if your account is with Wells Fargo Investments.

Step 2

Request the distribution form and fill out your name, address and account information. Include the amount of the distribution and whether it is a one-time withdrawal or systematic distribution happening regularly.

Step 3

Check any boxes or write any notes as to whether the distribution qualifies for any special exemptions. This applies to distributions taken by IRA owners under the age of 59 1/2 for hardship reasons, college tuition or home purchase. The exemption eliminates the 10 percent tax penalty on the distribution.

Step 4

Fill out the federal tax withholding section of the form. Those under the age of 59 1/2 will automatically have 20 percent withheld. Those of age will have the option to withhold or not.

Step 5

Sign and submit the form. Bank distributions may happen immediately, whereas brokerage distributions may take three to five days to liquidate assets and process requests.