How to Withdraw Money from an IRA Account with Mutual Mass

All IRA withdrawals must be reported on your taxes.

An IRA is an individual retirement account that people can use to save money to live on after their working years are over. A variety of financial institutions offer IRAs, including Mass Mutual. These institutions oversee the money and, if you choose, may invest it on your behalf. You can withdraw money from the account at any time, but if you take the money out of your IRA before you turn 59 1/2, you may have to pay an additional 10 percent tax penalty on top of any income taxes you owe on the withdrawal.


Step 1

Obtain a copy of the MassMutual IRA One-Time Distribution Request Form by downloading it from the company website.

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Step 2

Complete the form by filling out your identifying information, the reason for the distribution, how much you want to withdraw, how you want to receive payment and whether you want Mass Mutual to withhold money from the distribution for income taxes.



Step 3

Mail the completed form to: MassMutual RS IRA Operations PO Box 55771 Boston, MA 02205-8375

If you wish, you can also fax the form to 877-888-6157.


File your taxes after you receive a form 1099-R from Mass Mutual documenting your withdrawal. Report the total amount of the distribution, found in box 1 of the form 1099-R, on line 12a of form 1040A or line 16a of form 1040. Record the taxable portion of the distribution, found in box 2a of form 1099-R, on line 12b of form 1040A or line 16b of form 1040. If you are taking an early distribution, you must also file form 5329 to determine if you owe a penalty on the distribution.



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