How to Write a Land Buy & Sell Agreement

How to Write a Land Buy & Sell Agreement
A letter of intent is considered a nonbinding agreement.

Writing a letter of intent

Step 1

Write an introduction that includes the date, the name of each party involved in the land purchase agreement, a description of the property and its location.

Step 2

Write a second paragraph stating the purchase price of the land. Make sure to include any pertinent dates, such as payment frequency or property inspections, as well as the transaction's closing date.

Step 3

Write out the details of who will pay the closing costs in the third section, and the fee that is owed to the broker.

Step 4

Wrap up your letter of intent by stating that this is a nonbinding agreement, and that either party can walk away at the last minute for any reason.

Step 5

Print out two copies of the letter, and have each party sign both copies.