How to Open a Chubb Combination Safe

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Opening a Chubb combination safe is a little more sophisticated than opening the lock of a high school locker. It's not just a matter of rotating the dial back and forth one time while stopping on a particular series of numbers. The number and directions of the rotations is very important and specific. If you over- or under-turn the dial, you must begin again. A standard Chubb combination safe lock combination is 10-20-30, which can be reset.


Step 1

Set the dial at zero, then turn the dial counter-clockwise three times. Go past zero for a full rotation. On the fourth rotation stop on the first number of the combination. For example, if the first number is 10, turn the dial past zero three times and stop on the number 10 during the fourth rotation.


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Step 2

Turn the dial clockwise two times, stopping on the second number in the combination during the third rotation. Do not go back to zero before you begin the counter-clockwise rotation. Start at the first number of the combination.

Step 3

Turn the dial counter-clockwise once, stopping on the third number during the second rotation.


Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise until it stops. Your Chubb combination safe will now be accessible.


To turn clockwise move the dial to the right.

To turn counter-clockwise (also know as anti-clockwise) turn the dial to the left.



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