How Can I Pay My Oklahoma State Taxes?

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A year before Oklahoma suffered tremendous economic and employment losses as a result of the Great Depression, the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) was formed in 1931. Its purpose was to collect taxes and fees and administer licenses for the benefit of Oklahoma residents. The OTC experienced several organizational iterations over the years until 1995 when it reorganized, holding true to its promise of being the type of organization that would adapt to meet the needs of Oklahomans. When you pay your Oklahoma taxes online, you are essentially making an online Oklahoma Tax Commission payment.


Review Tax Return

Paying your Oklahoma state taxes online is a relatively easy process, provided you do the legwork before you reach for your bank routing number or your debit card for submitting payment. Filing an Oklahoma Resident Income Tax Return requires that you first gather a number of documents and information.

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Read the entire form to determine the specific documents you need to begin preparing your Oklahoma Resident Tax Return – this is a requirement for determining how to pay Oklahoma taxes online. The form that appears online will be for the tax year for which returns are being accepted. For example, if you access this form before the current or extended tax deadline, it will provide you with the Oklahoma online tax return for the previous tax year. As of July 2021, the tax return that is available online is for the 2020 tax year.


Gather Documents and Information

To simplify the process to pay Oklahoma state taxes online, ensure that you have everything you need to prepare the tax return in one sitting. You will likely need to comb your personal and household files for gathering everything you need. Naturally, you need documents and statements related to wages and earnings, such as a W-2 for employment wages and IRS Form 1099 for other compensation. Other compensation refers to money paid to you as an independent contractor (where taxes are not deducted from your earnings) or earnings from investments, rental income or compensation in the form of debts that have been canceled on your behalf.


In addition, have your email address handy, and a valid state ID card or driver's license. It's required that you also have your adjusted gross income (AGI) from your previous year's federal return, and your current federal tax return documents. If your Oklahoma income tax due is based on combined income for you and a spouse, be sure you have their ID and SSN.

Making an Oklahoma Tax Commission Payment Online

Once you have completed your Oklahoma state income tax return, you're ready to pay. The Oklahoma Tax Commission Payment Center website is where you start the process for making payment. In addition to income tax, business owners can make corporate estimated tax payments, file sales tax reports and other types of business and individual tax-related payments. For income tax payments, click on the "Pay Your Tax Bills Online Now!" link – the site accepts major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. Electronic funds transfer is also available, and if you select that method, you will need the ABA routing number for your bank or credit union, plus your account number.


Extending Time to Pay Oklahoma State Taxes Online

If you're unable to pay the entire amount that you owe, the OTC permits installment payments through the Oklahoma Taxpayer Access Point (OkTAP). Taxpayers can select a payment plan from two to 12 months; the minimum you must pay is $25 per month. The OkTAP questionnaire helps you determine if you're eligible by asking four questions. If you have previously defaulted on a payment plan, a 50 percent down payment is required, but if you have defaulted on two previous payment plans, you won't be eligible for a third payment plan. Even if you aren't eligible for a payment plan, it's possible that you can discuss possible options with an OTC customer service agent.