How to Read a National Grid Gas Meter

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National Grid supplies gas and electric meters to millions of homes in the Northeast and the United Kingdom. These automatic meters send a radio signal to a receiver in a vehicle driving through your neighborhood. The gas company then prepares a bill based on the meter's transmission of your estimated gas or electricity use. Automatic meters save on labor costs for the company because house-to-house meter readers aren't involved. To avoid receiving an estimated bill, read your meter personally and report the numbers to your gas company.


Step 1

Locate the four dials on the front of your meter. Look at the dial that is farthest to the left. If the indicator is pointing exactly at a number, write it down. If the indicator is pointing between two numbers, write down the smaller of the two numbers.

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Step 2

Move over one dial and find the second number in your reading. Write down the number to which the indicator is pointing, or the smaller of the two numbers if it is pointing between two.


Step 3

Move one dial to the right again and find the third number for your reading. After writing down this third number, go to the right again to find the fourth and final number for your reading. Write down this fourth number to complete your meter reading.

Step 4

Call your local gas company at the number indicated on your bill and report your meter reading. Make sure to check your meter-reading date on your gas bill and report your reading before that date.


Some newer meters are digital instead of the classic dial type. If you have a digital meter, simply write down the four numbers showing in the meter window.