Cheap Meal Ideas for Large Groups

Spaghetti severves a large group for a reasonable cost.
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There are many tasty choices when it comes to preparing cheap meals for large groups. In no way does inexpensive have to mean tasteless. The following foods can be served separately or in groups. It really depends on the occasion or event.


Salad with added meat.
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Salad can be so much more than just a bowl of boring greens and a vegetable or two. By adding meats such as ham or turkey, dairy items such as hard-boiled eggs and shredded cheese and homemade croutons, the same salad is transformed into a complete meal.


Chili is a meal in itself.
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Chili can also be considered a meal in itself. It is a well-liked entree that can be prepared many different ways. It can be mild, spicy or somewhere in between. Serve it with cornbread for an interesting twist.


Vegetable spaghetti doesn't require meatballs.
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Spaghetti or other pasta can easily be served with or without the addition of meatballs. It can be baked or prepared in large stock pots or dutch ovens. Adding vegetables such as green peppers, mushrooms and diced tomatoes will make the meal even heartier.


Homemade pizza can be cheap and fun.
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Homemade pizza is relatively simple and can be a real dollar stretcher. To save the most money, make crusts from scratch. Choose two or three popular toppings, allowing you to create several different topping variations.


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Before deciding on a final menu, ask group members to disclose any food allergies.

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