Is Mobile Home on Land Classified As Real or Personal Property?

Mobile homes on land may be considered either real or personal property, depending on their location and their relationship to the land. It is essential to understand the differences between real and personal property to make a determination.

Definition of Real Property

Real property is immovable. Land and all things that are attached or permanently affixed to it are real property.


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Definition of Personal Property

Anything that is not real property is defined as personal property. Therefore, anything that is not permanently attached to the land is personal property.


In most cases, if the land and mobile home are owned by the same party, and the mobile home is permanently attached, it is considered real property. If the mobile home is owned, but the land is leased, it is considered personal property.



Rules governing the ownership of mobile homes vary from state to state. There is no federal statute to determine whether a mobile home is to be considered real or personal property.




The question of whether or not a mobile home is considered real or personal property, and if or how the home is attached to the land, is a matter of State law. It can go either way.



Your state Department of Real Estate, Motor Vehicles and Assessor's Office are the most reliable sources of information. You can also contact local real estate appraisal firms in your area for an expert opinion.



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