What Do the Houses Look Like in Jamaica?

Jamaica offers a variety of architectural styles.

Jamaica offers diverse architectural elements. Homes in Jamaica are typically single- or two-story, with many newer homes offering the convenience and features expected in a traditional, new American home. Buyers of homes in Jamaica will find that opulence is not one of the architectural elements featured.


Typical Styles

No single style exists throughout all of Jamaica. Jamaican architecture can include elements of African, Mediterranean, Spanish, contemporary, ranch, Bermuda or colonial styles. The Mediterranean and colonial styles are popular in new-construction homes, with older homes being ranch style.


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Homes typically feature bright colors, usually in shades of blue, green, yellow, tan, brown or terra-cotta. Roofs can be tile, slate, metal or composite.

Features of Homes

Newer homes may feature air-conditioning, garages and modern appliances. Carports are the most common forms of vehicle shelter. Homes in older neighborhoods usually feature bars on windows to discourage theft.


Landscaping is sparse, and sculptured gardens are extremely rare. Newer homes focus more on space and square footage rather than exterior land.

Homes may be built on uneven land, and subsequently, are multilevel.


Resemblance of Homes to U.S.

Homes in Jamaica are almost identical to homes built in suburban neighborhoods in south Florida, specifically Miami architecture. Stucco is primarily used on the walls of both Floridian and Jamaican homes.


Geographical Differences

Jamaica features diverse land. A plot of land may be completely flat, have a slight grade or a very steep grade. The homes are built around the land, with the foundation contouring the elevation and grade.



It is interesting to note that if a new architectural style is considered to be the new hype, architects will follow this in the design of the Jamaican home.



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