How to Ask Your Boss for an Advance

Pick a good time to approach your boss for an advance

When you need to get a loan, you may consider asking your boss for an advance on your pay instead. However, depending on your work situation, this may be easier said than done. There are a few easy methods you can try when you request the advance you need that get results with as little hassle as possible.


Step 1

Choose a time when your boss is calm and relaxed to ask for an advance. The happier your boss is, the more likely she will be willing to advance you the money you need.

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Step 2

Wait until your company's sales are at a high-point, if possible. Your boss may be more willing to give you an advance if the company has been bringing in extra profits. Unless you absolutely have to, don't ask for an advance when sales are down and business is slow.


Step 3

Ask your boss for an advance when the two of you are alone. Request a meeting alone to make sure this happens. Your boss may feel pressured to make a decision she is not happy with if you ask for an advance in front of coworkers, customers or higher management.

Step 4

Offer various repayment plans. If you can pay back the advance before your next payday, you may have a better chance of negotiating for one. If you need more time, draft up a schedule that you and your boss can both happily agree to.



Step 5

Ask for your advance to be taken out of your paychecks in increments for the next few weeks or months, depending on the amount you request. Your boss may agree to the advance when she knows she will automatically get her money back through an allotment.

Step 6

Offer to work more hours or pick up extra shifts in exchange for an advance. That way, your boss sees you are serious about needing the money, and that you are willing to work for it.


Step 7

Explain the reason in detail that you need the advance from your boss. If you have worked for the company for a while and are a trusted employee, your boss may be more willing than you think to give you the advance you need.



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