How to Cash in a MoneyGram

How to Cash in a MoneyGram
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MoneyGram is a service to send people money. You can do this electronically, sending money to someone's bank account or allowing the recipient to pick it up at one of many MoneyGram locations, or you can do this with a paper money order that you buy from MoneyGram. If you're wondering, "Where can I cash a MoneyGram money order?" or "Where can I cash a money order?" in general, check with banks and check cashing stores near you.


How MoneyGram Works

MoneyGram is a service allowing you to transfer money to other people. It offers a number of ways to do this, including a MoneyGram app to send money with a bank account, credit card or debit card. Another option is to stop by a MoneyGram location with cash in hand.

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You will generally incur a fee to send money with MoneyGram or a competing service. How much this fee will be can depend on how much you're sending, how much you're sending and where you and the recipient are located.


Receive Money with MoneyGram

If someone sends you money via MoneyGram, and it's not sent directly to a bank account, you will usually need to go to a MoneyGram location to pick it up. MoneyGram locations are often inside discount stores, grocery stores, check cashing stores and other businesses. You can search online to find MoneyGram locations near you.

To pick up money sent with MoneyGram, you will generally need a transaction reference number that's provided to the sender and some valid form of identification like a driver's license or a passport. You may also need to fill out a form and potentially provide proof of your address, such as with a utility bill, if it's not on your ID.


If you have questions about what you need, call MoneyGram headquarters or contact the store near you that you plan to visit before you stop by.

MoneyGram and Money Orders

In addition to sending money electronically, MoneyGram offers money orders for sale. A money order functions like a prepaid check, and someone who receives one can normally cash it or deposit it into a bank account. There is a fee for buying a money order from MoneyGram or most other organizations that sell them. In addition to MoneyGram, you can buy a money order from other organizations including Western Union, the United States Postal Service and some banks and credit unions.


If you receive a money order issued by MoneyGram or another organization, you can deposit it into your bank account if you have one. You may be able to do this at a bank branch, at an ATM or by using a bank's smartphone app to take a picture of the money order.

If you have a money order you bought or one someone sent you, keep it safe. There's often a fee to replace them if they're lost or stolen, and it may take some time to get a new one.

Cashing a Money Order

If you don't have a bank account or you don't want to deposit it into your account and simply want the cash, you will have to find a business that will cash it for you. You will often have to pay a fee for this service.


Many check cashing stores and some grocery and discount stores will cash a money order for you. Some banks will also cash money orders for you even if you are not a customer. You can search online with local directory and mapping apps or websites to find stores near you that can cash money orders.

Note that not every business that will issue a MoneyGram money order is also equipped to cash one for you. If you're not sure if a particular business can cash your money order, consider calling ahead to save time. You may also wish to call to inquire about fees.