How to Find Out When Your State Refund Will Come

Finding Out When Your State Refund Will Come
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Tax time can be a pleasant experience when you are expecting a refund on your state taxes. How soon you receive your refund depends on when you filed and whether you filed electronically or by mail. You can get an estimated refund date from your state tax department, or you can check on the status of your refund online to get a more accurate date.

Step 1

Go to your state's tax information website. The exact address varies by state, but you can find it on your tax forms or by doing a web search for "(your state here) tax refund."

Step 2

Use the menus on the website to navigate to the individual tax-information page. Most state tax departments realize that people are looking for information on tax refunds, so you will probably find a link right on the site's main page. If you have a business and expect a refund, go to the business page.

Step 3

Look up the status of your refund. Some states allow you to find this out online. In California, for example, you can check when your refund will be electronically deposited or mailed by entering your Social Security number, mailing address and information from your recently filed tax return, such as your expected refund amount.

Step 4

View a refund grid if it's available on the website. In cases where you can't check the status of your refund online, the tax department may provide a grid that gives you an expected refund date based on the date you filed your return. For example, the grid may say that if you filed by March 15, your refund will be mailed between April 20 and May 1.