What Is the Homeowner Insurance Declaration Page?

A declaration page gives proof to the insurer that you have had previous insurance. It is a document given to you by your current insurer, and it is vital when insuring your valuables.


The policy type, dwelling coverage, limits of liability, and the total premium are identified.

Personal information

Your name and address are visible on the declaration page. Most of the time insurance companies fax or email this document. Policy numbers are also visible.

Start/end date

The exact date and time the policy begins and ends is also on a homeowner's declaration page. This is called your policy period; most of the time homeowners policies renew annually.

Escrow information

If you have a third-party payer (mortgage company) paying your premium, their name and address are also visible on the document.

Documentation only

A declaration page is used for documentation only. This is not a contract. If your policy were to change for any reason, it is the insurance company's obligation to contact the mortgage company and the policy holder.