How to Avoid Paying Taxes

Example of a SIMPLE sod house

They say "Nothing is certain except for death and taxes", but I say that's foolish. There are numerous ways that you can legally avoid taxes. It will take sacrifices in your life, and can be a lifestyle change for sure, but taxation is only required for those who involve themselves in the taxation system. When you have a regular 40 hour a week job, live in suburbia or a city with a loan, you will be subject to a multitude of taxes. If you can be unconventional, alternative, and live an alternative back to basics lifestyle, you can avoid almost all taxes legally!

Step 1

Purchase land out in the boondocks. It is best to purchase land that does not have any major cities in the county. By major I mean famous cities such as Houston, Columbus, Miami, Pasadena, Boise, etc. It is best if the county has already deeded the land agricultural. Every county has their own requirements, but usually it involves having some livestock on the land. You too will have livestock on the land and will keep the land agricultural as well. This will help you avoid property taxes.

Step 2

Build a self sustaining alternative home. This will involve you using natural materials such as sod (get a sod cutter), hay, mud bricks, or logs. You will need composting toilets, solar power or wind power, rain water collection (for showers and washing) and an atmospheric water generator for drinking water. You can't have a well or septic system in most counties, nor grid power as that would be considered a real structure or dwelling to the county. Otherwise it is merely considered a cabin, that is not usually needed to be reported to the county. This will keep your ag exemption on all your land too. Again, this will help you avoid property taxes which often include school taxes. You will need a P.O. box for mail.

Step 3

Have livestock that will support some of your food. Eggs, milk and cheese. A nice garden will help too. Though food is not taxed by sales tax, it leads into needing less money to live on.

Step 4

Have a job that you can work as few of hours as possible, with the highest pay possible. Since you will not have a mortgage and your property taxes will most likely be between $10-30 a year, you will not need much money to live on. This means that $10,000 to $15,000 a year should be sufficient for food, clothing, and your automobile. If you are with a spouse or have children, you will NOT owe any income taxes.

Step 5

Learn how to fix things such as automobiles, lawn mowers, bicycles, appliances etc. Use the internet at free hot spots to get information on how to fix things. You will avoid having to buy new items often, saving money and avoiding sales taxes. While on the subject, when you do buy new items, buy used items from AD's in local newspapers or online for sale forums, craigslist, green sheet, thrifty nickel etc. This will also help you avoid sales taxes. Buy clothing at thrift stores as well.


In this article I have covered how to avoid taxes legally. Some people will embrace these ideas, and some will scoff. This lifestyle is not for everybody. Avoiding income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes are often the largest of the taxes people pay. If you live this lifestyle, you will most likely avoid the death tax as well. This is all 100% legal.

Things You'll Need

  • A strong will to avoid taxation and change your lifestyle.

  • Money for land in the boondocks.