How to Get Your Pin Number for a Visa Credit Card

How to Get Your Pin Number for a Visa Credit Card
Three Visa credit cards

Call Customer Service

To get a PIN number for your Visa credit card, call the customer service phone number on the back of the card. For example, Motorola Employees Credit Union cardholders must call 1-877-270-6392, after which MECU mails them a new PIN. After he receives the first PIN, the customer can call back to create a custom PIN he can more easily remember.

Provide Requested Information

The information you must provide over the phone to get your PIN varies depending on the issuer, but generally you’ll need the card number and your Social Security number. Some issuers require additional information, such as a registration number or security code on the card.

Via the Issuer Website

A few card issuers let you get your PIN through your online account. If you're a Regions Bank customer, for example, you can log into your Regions Online Banking account and choose the "Request PIN Reminder" link on the Account Details page. Regions then mails your PIN to you.