How to Preserve Store Receipts

Preserve Store Receipts with Acid-Free Storage to Make These Mementos Last.

Store receipts can be an important proof of purchases you claim as deductions on your taxes or they can be a fascinating record of family history. Whether the receipts are for a diamond engagement ring, a new computer or a new car, sometimes the receipts from purchases must be preserved. To preserve store receipts, follow the proper storage and safe handling guidelines for paper preservation. Keep the receipts away from light and humidity and follow basic storage guidelines to keep the store receipts preserved indefinitely.


Step 1

Write the name of the store receipt or some other identifiable label on the front of an acid-free envelope with the pencil. Use a pencil because most ink pens contain ink that is water-soluble and will fade. If the receipt is from an itemized deduction, note this on the envelope (along with the year) so you can easily identify it and find it in the future.


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Step 2

Place each store receipt into the prepared envelope. Do not place more than one receipt in each envelope.

Step 3

Make a similar envelope for each receipt that you are preserving.

Step 4

Create acid-free file folders for the envelopes. Place similar receipt envelopes together in file folders. For example, place envelopes holding household purchase receipts all together in a file folder labeled "Household Purchases."


Step 5

Place the folders in an acid-free box. Be careful not to place too many or too few folders in the box. If you over-pack a box, the folders may become folded or bent. If you under-pack a box, the papers may not sit properly in the box and may curl over time. Use spacer boards to help position the folders carefully in the boxes, if necessary. Close the box securely.



Step 6

Place the storage boxes in a dry, cool and dark place. A dark closet in an air-conditioned room would be an ideal location to place these storage boxes.

Things You'll Need

  • Store receipts

  • Acid-free storage boxes (with spacer boards)

  • Acid-free file folders

  • Acid-free envelopes

  • Pencil

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