How to Print Out a Free Used Car Bill of Sale Form

A bill of sale is a document that confirms the transfer of the car's title and serves as evidence of a contract. If you're selling a used car, a bill of sale may be a requirement in your state. Free bill of sale forms are available online to download and print. If the bill of sale is a fillable PDF, you can type the information in directly on form spaces before printing. If it's just a regular PDF file, you'll need to print it before you can fill it out.

Official State Agencies

Check your state's department of licensing, department of motor vehicles, department of highway and safety, or department of transportation websites for a free bill of sale form you can download and print. The form is typically titled "Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale." Not all states require a bill of sale. If you can't find one on your state's websites, check to make sure it's needed.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Look for printable bill of sale forms on bank and credit union websites. You can start with your bank or do a general search for any financial institution offering a bill of sale. For example, Direct Federal Credit Union lists a free bill of sale under the PDF section of its website.

Legal Service Websites

Websites that provide legal forms and documents will often offer a trial subscription that allows you to print forms free of charge. For example, Law Depot allows you to create a state-specific bill of sale form on its website if you sign up for a one-week free trial. Once you are on the Law Depot website, select your state and county to get started. Enter all the required information, including details about the car, the odometer reading, your name and the buyer's name. When you are finished, click the printer icon to print your form.

Driver-Related Websites

Websites including provide information on vehicle and driving related state laws, rules and requirements. Under the buying and selling section of the site, click "bill of sale form" to learn about the form, laws in your state and to download and print a free, generic form.