Walmart Stock Information

Wal-Mart Stores is a public company. Since its initial public offering in 1970, the company has performed well, recording numerous splits and providing a return of more than 160,000 percent to its initial investors. The company currently pays a large dividend per share.


Wal-Mart Stores went public in October 1970. The company initially offered 300,000 shares at $16.50 per share.

Ticker Symbol

Wal-Mart Stores trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker WMT.

Splits and Adjustments

Wal-Mart's stock has split 2-for-1 numerous times since its IPO. As of July 2009, the company's most recent 2-for-1 split was in March 1999. One share of Wal-Mart stock purchased at its IPO would have split to 1,024 shares as of its most recent split.


Wal-Mart has paid a dividend since March 1974. The company's first dividend was $0.05 a share. As of July 2009, the company currently pays a quarterly cash dividend of $0.2725 per share.

Historical Performance

Wal-Mart's stock has grown more than 160,000 percent since going public. An initial investment of $1,000 would be worth more than $1.6 million as of July 2009.

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