How to Write a Stock Market Report

Write a Stock Market Report

In this article, you will learn the key components of a stock market report, where to find updated daily information, and how to write an informative stock market report.


Step 1

Stock Market Indexes


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In order to write a good stock market report, you need to know the key elements and data to include. Always report on bigger-picture stock market indicators like the Dow Jones, S& P 500, and NASDAQ. In addition to these broader indices, you might choose to focus on a particular sector of the economy each day, so Monday you might report on stock market indexes that focus on health, and Tuesday focus on technology.


Step 2

Key Weekly or Quarterly Reports


Report on key weekly or quarterly reports such as jobless reports and earnings reports, which have an effect on the Stock Market. Give advance notice as to when certain reports are expected to be published.

Step 3

Key Stocks to Watch



Include a discussion of any major stocks whose dramatic rise, fall or upcoming business deals are affecting or projected to affect the overall stock martet. If the report is daily, include a discussion of the day's opening and closing Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P Index.

Step 4

Get Up to Date Info


You will need to do a serious amount of work keeping updated on the key elements of the stock market. You will want to include links to live data, where applicable.

Step 5


Depending on how the economy is doing, you may want to include a "Tips" section for taking advantage of a particular growing sector, such as healthcare or technology, and explain how that sector's growth and focus might affect the stock market.


Step 6

Publish Often

In order to be relevant, you will need to gather data at least daily and publish reports online. Use online reporting tools so you can easily publish the report as a blog or an email newsletter. Make sure whatever format you publish in is accessible for BlackBerry or other mobile device users.



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