How to Make an Amazing Pond Cheap

Make an Amazing Pond Cheap

It is summertime and everyone is looking for ways to spice up the landscaping. Perhaps you would like a pond or a garden pond in your yard, but do not know how to do it. Read on for more details on how to make a pond in your yard.

Step 1

Dig a hole in the area in which you would like your pond to be. Make the hole to the size of your choice. We made our hole about 18 inches deep and 4 feet wide. The pond hole should be round in shape or whatever shape you desire.

Step 2

Put a pond liner in your hole. If you do not have one check out the Dollar Store window insulation tarps. You can get one of these for about 5 or 6 dollars and they work great as a pond liner.

Step 3

Go to your local stream and pick up some rocks. You can use these rocks for the bed of your pond. While choosing rocks mix it up a bit, get all different shaped rocks. I find that flat rocks lay best in the pond.

Step 4

If having a pond is just not enough then add some fish to spice it up a bit, maybe even put a lily pad or two.

Step 5

Add a water fall to your garden pond. Buy a water pump the kind that shoots the water into the air, take the top off of the water pump and hide it behind some big, flat rocks. The rocks will also aide in holding the water pump into place. The water fall will help to keep your pond water from becoming stagnate.