How to Delete an MLS Listing

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database created by real estate professionals to market their listings. Typically, local or regional Realtor Associations control the local MLS, and a listing is entered into--and deleted from--the MLS through their systems.

Step 1

You must first identify the listing broker or agent of the MLS listing you wish to delete. If you do not know the listing broker or agent but you have the MLS number, you can go to and enter the listing number to pull up the listing information. Occasionally, there will be more than one listing with the same MLS number. After you find the correct listing, you will be able to identify the listing agent.


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Step 2

Find out who signed the listing agreement. Typically, it's the owner of the property, but it also might be a trustee or one of two or more owners. If you're not the property owner, you must secure an agreement with the property owner that the listing is to be withdrawn.

Step 3

Arrange a meeting with the listing broker and the signer(s) of the listing agreement. At the meeting, instruct the broker to cancel the listing.



Step 4

Before your listing is canceled, the agent must agree to let you out of the contract. He usually will ask that you sign an agreement that should you relist the property within a certain number of days, you will relist with the original agent. Once a listing is canceled, the agent is obligated to remove the active MLS listing.



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