What is a Grant Deed?

Grantor and Grantee

A grantor is the seller of the property. A grantee is the buyer of the property.


Grants do not have to be notarized nor recorded to be valid. Most grantors though do utilize a notary.

Grant Deeds

Grant deeds contain a written document that transfers a title, the written names of the grantor and grantee plus a description of the property covered by the grant deed. It also has an execution, delivery and acceptance along with a signature from both the grantee and the grantor.

Declarations of a Grant Deed

The things a grant deed declares is that the property has not been sold to anyone else and the property is not laden with obstructions other than those items already disclosed to the grantee. It also makes the promise that the grantor has the legal right to sell the property listed in the grant deed.

Tyoes of Deeds

There are other types of deeds: warranty deed, quick claim deed, title deed, deed of trust, special warranty deed, bargain and sale deed and court order deed. Out of all of these, the most common type is a grant deed.