How to Do Excel Budget Spreadsheet Samples

excel budget spreadsheet samples

Excel Budget Spreadsheet samples can provide you a template to chart out your monthly budget. This excel sample can be a versatile tool for creating a budget spreadsheet.

Step 1

Decide what type of budget schedule to use for your excel spreadsheet samples. You can make your sample budget spreadsheet according to pay period or on a monthly basis.

Step 2

Decide on a excel budget format that suits your spreadsheet by downloading or patterning your template from other samples on the internet.

Step 3

Organize your income, savings, and expenses into sample budget categories on your excel spreadsheet.

Step 4

Chart your budget category samples from top to bottom according to priority on your excel spreadsheet starting with items you have to pay first.

Step 5

Set up your excel spreadsheet with two vertical columns to record projected budget goals verses actual income and expenses.

Step 6

Change excel number format to dollars and cents and choose decimal places to use for your budget spreadsheet.

Step 7

Increase your excel font size for clearer printing and denote negative amounts using parentheses or brackets.

Step 8

Use the excel auto sum function to calculate amounts on your budget spreadsheet.


Be realistic with projections and use as a guide to make adjustments before recording actual amounts. Set up a excel category for emergency budget and save this amount for cash liquidity. Make several rows denoted "other" into categories for additional expenses

Things You'll Need

  • computer with internet

  • Microsoft Excel software program

  • printer

  • pen

  • paper

  • budget records


Be careful not to overestimate income projections Don't underestimate expenses. Round up budget amounts.