How to Write a Check Online with Your Account

Paying bills online has become a popular method of settling monthly expenses. Using the Internet to pay bills makes it possible to pay bills on the day they are due rather than having to estimate the time it would take to arrive in the mail. It also saves time and the cost of a postage stamp. More and more companies are offering the convenience of online bill pay, and many will even accept checks online.


Step 1

Navigate to the website where the check will be written.

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Step 2

Locate the area of the site to pay a bill online and select the option to do so.

Step 3

Enter the desired payment amount.

Step 4

Select the desired payment date. The site will either display a calendar with instructions to click on the specific day or prompt for the date to be typed.


Step 5

Locate the series of numbers at the bottom of the check.

Step 6

Find the check number that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the check and look for its appearance in the line of numbers at the bottom. Take note of where this number appears and be sure not to include it when entering the routing and account number.

Step 7

Locate the routing or ABA number and type it into the box that requests it. It will be nine digits in length and offset by a short vertical line and a colon on either side of it.


Step 8

Locate the account number and type it into the requested box. It will be the remaining group of numbers on your check.

Step 9

Press submit or enter to complete the transaction. There may be an additional confirmation screen to review before completion.


Occasionally, a website might ask for the check number, but typically, this is not required.


Double-check the routing and account number before pressing submit. Even a single digit error could result in the check being returned.